Bromoil Pigment Inks

Hard Crayon Black Pigment:

Our hard black produces a richness and depth to the image. It can be mixed with any of our color pigments, tube inks or diluted with our amber or clear medium.

45 gram glass jar: $18.00 USD.

Medium Hard Crayon Black Pigment:

Our new medium hard black produces not only a great richness and depth, it inks-up with greater ease than the hard black. Applied with our new large hog hair brush (available mid-January) it creates a beautiful etching like quality. It can be mixed with any of our color pigments, tube inks or diluted with our amber or clear medium.

50 gram glass jar: $18.00 USD.

Misonne Warm Black Pigment:

The pictorialist Leonard Misonne inked up much of his work with a soft warm black pigment as did Robert Demachy. Our newest warm black pigment sets the standard in excellence.

40 gram glass jar: $19.00 USD.

Soft Crayon Black Pigment: (new formula)

Our Soft black may be mixed or added to any of our pigments; it produces exquisite fine photographic detail.

45 gram jar: $16.00 USD.,

Colour Pigment Inks:

Our new quality line of colour pigments are light fast and manufactured in Canada: Each colour offers a strong pigmentation of equal consistency, stiffness and correct tack for the bromoil process. All colors are compatible for mixing with each other. They are packaged in 2 ounce glass jars with metal screw caps. We recommend that all of our colour pigments be stiffened with our new purified beeswax pellets or stiffened with our specially formulated Lewis clay stiffening powder.
We have re-introduced our sepia ink. An example of the colour may be seen on the home  page.

Sepia $18.00 USD. (New)

Burnt Umber $ 18.00 USD.

Blue $18.00 USD.

Foliage Green $ 22.00 USD.

Sea Green $16.00 USD.

Lewis Stiffening Powder:

This clay-based powder is designed to stiffen our line of color pigment inks. When the ink is too soft for application onto the matrix, add a small amount of the powder to the ink and mix thoroughly. The addition of the powder will bring it to the correct tack condition to match the swelling of the gelatin.

10g: $6.00 USD.

Purified Beeswax Pellets:

To Place an order for any of our products on this page, contact David at the link list below.

$2.75 per package USD.

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