Bromoil Transfer Press

The Lewis Bromoil Transfer Press

The Lewis Bromoil Transfer Press is the only contemporary etching press in the world that has been specially designed and manufactured for you, the bromoil worker. We hope that you will soon experience the pleasure and satisfaction of pulling a bromoil transfer from our press. We use only the finest quality hand machined parts, guaranteeing the bromoil worker ease of operation and trouble free use. The press will accommodate matrices for transferring up to 11" (27.9 cm.) in width. To eliminate uneven pressure we have incorporated a single machined screw T-handle adjustment to produce an even inline pressure within the two 1.5" diameter rollers. This press does not require metal plates nor a printer's blanket. Instead it uses either two photo blotters or bristle board for ease of operation. Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 25" Platform: 25 x 14 3/4" Warranty: All presses carry a written 5 year warranty under normal use against defects in manufacturing.

$1800 USD.. plus shipping via UPS

To place an order for the bromoil press, contact David at the link listed below.

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