David Lewis Bromoil Chemicals

Bromoil Soft Developer:

Our new print developer has been expressly created for our non-supercoated bromoil paper. It may also be used to print with contemporary supercoated photographic papers. This propriety formula is a very soft developer which gives a beautiful gradation of tone from the deepest shadow to the highlights. The tonal range is exquisite! The developer is available in powder form to make a stock solution of 2 litres. We recommend a working dilution of 1:3 and a development time of 3 minutes.

Powder to make a stock solution for 2 litres: $14.95 USD.

Plain Hypo:

It is imperative that you use a 10% plain hypo (sodium thiosulfate) solution for fixing the print subsequent to development and after the bleaching operation. A measuring cup is included with your order to make up the correct 10% solution.

1375 gms. plain (anhydrous) hypo $24.00 USD.

Lewis Bleaching Kit: $26.00 USD.

Lewis bleacher requires no acid bath and when mixed into stock solution it will last indefinitely. Only the purest of chemicals are used. The copper sulfate, potassium bromide, and potassium dichromate are supplied in powder form. Mixing instructions are enclosed with the bleacher.

Copper Sulfate: 100g - $14.00 USD.

Potassium Bromide: 100g - $9.00 USD.

Potassium Dichromate: 10g - $7.00 USD.

To place an order for any of the products listed on this page, contact David at the link listed below.

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