David Lewis Bromoil Paper

100- sheets 8 X 10" non-supercoated bromoil paper: $124.95 USD.

David Lewis's Bromoil Paper is a double weight non-supercoated chlorobromide paper with a printing speed of ISO 320. The paper has a thick emulsion with a smooth matt surface and has a normal contrast (grade # 2). This chlorobromide emulsion produces incredible gradation of tone and shadow detail when developed in amidol. After bleaching the emulsion produces a coin-like relief, reminiscent of the bromoil paper from the 1930's! It is the only photographic paper on the market today that has the coin-like swelling relief.

Special discount for 100 sheet boxes of 8x10 bromoil paper for photographers' that have attended any of my past workshops or placed an order for bromoil kits.

Some conditions apply, contact David at the link below to inquire if you qualify to order the paper.

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