David Lewis Bromoil Brushes

We have redesigned our line of brushes and the new hog and fitch hair brushes are larger in size than the original brushes: simply remarkable in their ability to apply the pigment to the matrix and for hopping. Contact us for detailed information on the proper care and cleaning for our brushes.

Introductory Price for a limited time.

New: Genuine Pure Hog Hair Brush, Finest Quality - Size 20: 1 1/2" dia.: $84.95 USD. each

These brushes are made of long fine pure white hog hair, stag foot in shape and beveled. The stag foot shape is formed by the natural tips of the hair. The hog hair brush is recommended for the initial inking of the matrix and where broad effects are desired to maintain a course to medium etching like quality. Dimensions are taken at the base of the brush and size #20 has a metal ferrule with varnished handle.

New: Genuine Pure Fitch Hair Brush, Finest Quality - Size  20: 1 1/2" dia. : $110.95 USD.  each

The quality of the brush is as important as the quality of the ink. We believe our fitch hair brushes have no equal and they are superior to all bear hair brushes. The hair is arranged in such a manner that the bevel is beautifully domed. Dimensions are taken at the base of the brush and size #20 has a metal ferrule with varnished handle.

Size 1/0: 1/4" dia. or 8mm $17.25 USD. each

Size 4/0: 3/8" dia. or 10mm $20.50 USD. each

Size 8/0: 1/2" dia. or 13mm $25.95 USD. each

Size 12/0: 5/8" dia. or 16mm $30.25 USD. each

Size 18/0: 3/4" dia. or 20mm $37.75 USD. each

Marble Hair Brushes, Finest Quality Our new line of marble hair brushes are designed for working on small areas of the bromoil print that require selective hopping or a final application of pigment to a specific area with a very soft brush. They are less expensive, yet very similar in quality to the fitch hair brush producing the same fine grain effect.

To place an order for bromoil brushes, contact David at the link listed below.

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