Miscellaneous Supplies

# 6 Bromoil Spotting Brush - $12.50 each USD.

Made from pure Kolinsky sable hair, this brushe is ideal for spotting and retouching the finished bromoil or transfer.

3/4" Border Clearing Brush - $13.50 each USD.

This brush is perfect for cleaning up the excess pigment from the borders of the print after inking has been completed. A must for every worker.

Lewis Clear Oil Medium - 25 ml. bottle $8.50 each USD.

This slow drying medium has been specially formulated for our colour pigments, for thinning or letting down the pigment when detail is required in the highlights. Unlike other oils which are yellow in body, Lewis's medium is clear thus maintaining the integrity of the pigment without degrading it's colour. This oil should also be used with the black pigment for letting it down in the final stages of inking when detail is required in the higher tonal values.

Lewis Amber Oil Medium - 25 ml. bottle $8.50 each USD.

This light amber oil is specially formulated to soften the hard black pigment when it is too stiff and refuses to go on the matrix. In most circumstances only one drop is required to bring the pigment into the proper consistency for application. When the matrix is nearing completion and the ink is reluctant to bring out the detail in the higher tonal values, use the clear oil medium.

4" Palette Knife - $8.50 each USD.

This knife is of the straight variety and is ideally suited for mixing the pigment into it's proper consistency.

New Genuine Leather Chamois - $16.00 each USD.

Very few chamois's have the ability to absorb the water entirely from the surface of the matrix. Our newest chamois has proven to be superior to all others available on the market today . It is lint free and will help prevent debris from being deposit on the matrix during the ink-up.

Bromoil Brush Soap - $4.50 each USD.

The hog hair brush should be cleaned periodically with our special formulated pure soap. To clean the brush, first dip it into a jar of warm water and then apply the brush to the soap as one would a shaving brush. After the brush has created a lather, rinse it under the faucet with warm water and then hang it up to dry. The soap contains special oils that will be absorbed into the brush hairs to keep them soft and pliable for future use.

To place an order for any of our products list on this page, contact David at the link listed below.

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