David Lewis Basic Bromoil Kit

The Art of Bromoil & Transfer

1-Pure #20 hog hair brush

100 sheets 8 X 10" non-supercoated chlorobromide bromoil paper

Bromoil soft developer (to make 2 litres of stock solution)

Plain hypo (3 pounds) 10% measuring cup included

Medium Hard black pigment ink

Bleaching kit with mixing instructions


Palette knife

Amber oil medium

Clear Oil

Stiffening powder

Purified beeswax

Kneadable eraser

Bromoil brush soap

Border clearing brush

$330.00 USD. + $42.00 Shipping

Without Book: $305.00 USD. + UPS Shipping

Customs & duties extra where applicable

To place an order for the basic kit, contact David at the link below.

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