David Lewis Intermediate Bromoil Kit

The Art of Bromoil & Transfer

2- Pure #16 hog hair brushes

1-Border clearing brush

1-100 sheets 8 X 10" chlorobromide bromoil paper

1-Bromoil soft developer (to make 2 litres of stock solution)

1-Plain hypo (3 pounds) 10% measuring cup included

1-Jar of Medium hard black pigment

1-Jar blue pigment

1-Bleaching kit with mixing instructions


1-Palette knife

1-Amber oil medium

1-Clear Oil

1-Stiffening powder

1-Purified beeswax

1-Kneadable eraser

1-Bromoil brush soap

$425.00 USD. + $48.00 Shipping

Without Book: $400.00 USD. + $48.00 Shipping

Customs and duties extra where applicable

To place an order for the intermediate kit, contact David at the link below.

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