I am thinking but nothing is happening. Jerome Howard (Curly, The Three Stooges)

"Disorder in the Court" 1936.

Influence: Who had the greatest influence on my career?

Long before the internet was invented the sources that influenced my photography were through Photographic books in several libraries, visiting the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa and the Ontario Art Gallery in Toronto. The photographic collection at the National Gallery is substantial. James Borcoman (1926-2019) was the curator who was responsible for acquiring the hundreds of vintage photographs for the permanent collection. The two most influential organizations during my career which began in the 1960’s would be The Photo Secessionists (1902-1910) and the Farm Security Administration (1937-1946). It was inspiring to see their work. These two organizations had a tremendous impact on my career. There were many individual photographers’ over the years that I admired and corresponded with. The most influential was my mentor Georgia Procter-Gregg FRPS. Photographing the industrial landscape for the past 40 plus years has been my passion that continues to this day.

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