Custom B/W Printing Services

Several photographers' and friends who have attended our workshops no longer have access to darkroom facilities. If you would like David to create bromoil matrices for you, contact him and he will provide you with detailed instructions of what to send to him.

Basic Requirements: Scanned b/w film or tiff files must be sized and be 300ppi. Please no jpeg's. Should the image need to be enhance or retouched, David will provide you with a firm quote.

Digital Negative:

3x5" to 5X7" on 8.5X11" glossy inkjet paper: $45.00 each.

Print Sizes: 8x10" prints

Proofing Print (printed on glossy inkjet paper) $7.50 each.

First 3 matrices (center cropped) printed on 8x10 bromoil paper: $25.00 each. Additional matrices $10.00 each.

B/W Film Developing Processing:

Custom b/w developing for 35mm and 120 roll film by David.

Minimum of 4 rolls of 35mm. or 2 rolls of 120. Film must be the same IS0 and manufacturer.

Contact David for pricing including return insured post.

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