Private Workshops:

David’s intensive hands-on private workshops are 4.5 days in duration. The workshop commences Monday morning through to Friday at noon. The participant may have the option of staying at our house or may choose to stay at a local motel. Our house is a non-smoking environment and you will have the bedroom on the main floor with a private bathroom. All meals are included during your stay. Plan arrive late afternoon on Sunday. Lunch will be provided for those whom choose to stay at a motel. Callander is located 330 km. north of Toronto for those who are driving and should you wish to fly the closest airport now is located in Sudbury. There are daily return flights to and from Toronto and David will pick you up at the airport.

David’s career in photography spans over 50 years and he is consider by his peers to be a master of several photographic processes, including bromoil and transfer, oil process, carbon-carbro, gelabrome, platinum/palladium and the polymer photogravure processes. Prior to attending the workshop,  you should become familiar with the process and read David’s book The Art of Bromoil and Transfer. He will also provide instructional reading material for the other processes. There is abundant information on the web describing the Pt/Pd, Carbro/Carbon and Polymer Photogravure.

Due to covid 19 I am not booking workshops at the present time.

Contact David for workshop fee and dates available:


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