Workshops 2019 -

Arch Cape Bromoil Workshop 2019

Thursday September 19/19 to Wednesday September 25/19

Only 2 openings available:

Workshop: The seminar begins with a Get-to-know-you Dinner on Thursday evening. We will gather with your choice of wine, beer or soft drinks on the ocean-side deck or the ocean-view living room while Linda prepares a home-cooked meal. Each morning, you can walk out the door onto the beach with a cup of coffee & your camera if you wish. Breakfast will be laid out by 7:30 & class will begin at 9 AM. We will work until late afternoon, perhaps take a little photo trip to learn shooting for bromoil, then dinner will be served each evening about 7 PM. David & Linda will be teaching the complete bromoil process from making the perfect digital negative either from digital files or negatives, to darkroom, to bleaching, to inking up. Seminar will end about noon on Wednesday, Sept. 21th. David has been working with the pigment processes for the past 50 years and manufactures a complete line of materials for the bromoil and transfer process. A corporate industrial photographer, David specializes in documenting historic and contemporary industrial sites. His images have been exhibited at major galleries and museums throughout North America, Europe and Asia. David has been teaching workshops since 1972. Linda has been a professional photographer specializing in natural light, on-location portraits for almost 50 years. An expert in PhotoShop and creating digital negatives for the processes, she is one of the finest bromoil artists in America today. She has been hosting and teaching the bromoil process with David for the past 15 years. The Arch Cape Bromoil Workshop arrival Thursday September 19/19 to Wednesday September 25/19 79836 Gelinsky Rd. Arch Cape, Oregon 97102 To reserve your place for the 2018 workshop, email Linda Lapp-Murray:


Arch Cape

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